Welcome To Ridge Coffee News® of Polk County, Florida

For 15 years, Coffee News® of Polk County has been the most effective, affordable and exclusive advertising media in Polk County.

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Weekly editions are found throughout Polk County in local restaurants such as Big Tom’s Diner in Winter Haven, and chain restaurants, like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, and other local businesses. It’s strategically placed where people have a few minutes to read entertaining news while waiting. Our goal is to be “everywhere” within Polk County in order to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our local advertisers.

Coffee News® International began in Canada in 1988 and has brought upbeat entertainment and good news to readers world-wide while building a reputation of being a leader in local advertising. That’s 33 years of successful small business marketing.

With over 700 franchises worldwide, Coffee News® is now read by more than ten million people every week and is ranked in the top 500 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine!

Everything in Coffee News® is designed to be entertaining and upbeat. The distinctive one page publication is filled with unusual family friendly news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and a whole lot more. No bad news here!

Give Beth a call at (863) 368-1904.